1972 Fiat Spider CSA White/Black by SunStar

1972 Fiat Spider CSA White/Black by SunStar

1972 Fiat Spider CSA White/Black by SunStar

The Fiat 124 Sport Spider is a 2+2 convertible sports car marketed by FIAT from 1966 to 1980 – having debuted at the November 1966 Turin Auto Show. Designed and manufactured by Italian carrozzeria Pininfarina, Fiat and Pininfarina continued to market the monocoque-bodied car as the 2000 Spider from 1979 to 1982. Pininfarina itself assumed the car’s marketing from 1983 to the end of its production in 1985 – as the Pininfarina Spider Azzura.
Designed by the same person who designed the second generation Corvette, built by Pininfarina and engineered by the same person who worked on a supercharged Formula One engine, the Fiat Spider CSA was a recipe for success right from the start.
The body of the car was designed and marketed by Pininfarina. The convertible body was designed by Tom Tjaarda, who used his earlier designs of Chevrolet Corvette “Rondine”s and Ferrari 275 GTSs. Several years later, in 1981, on the 50th anniversary of Pininfarina, this fact was further emphasized by producing a Fiat Spider 2000 Pininfarina 50th (Golden) Anniversary Edition. In 1972, a sports version of the spider was revealed. This was required for a type-approval of its rally version, which earned some remarkable success. The models sold in showrooms were marked as 124 CSA (C-Spider-Abarth). The vehicle has a capacity of 128 hp. In three years, Fiat manufactured less than 1,000 CSA models, which were intended for sale to individual clients. Apart from the Fiat Spider 2000 Pininfarina 50th (Golden) Anniversary Edition, this is one of the versions most eagerly sought by collectors.
The 124 Sports Spider and the Fiat 124 Coupé share the numeric portions of their name with the 124 sedan along with much of their running gear – and, in the case of the coupé, a shared platform. The Sports Spider utilizes a shorter platform along with a shorter wheelbase, and in contrast to the Pinifarina styled and manufactured spider, Fiat designed and manufactured the coupé in-house.
This convertible sports car was produced through the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s. In 1971 the 124 Spider was prepared for the World Rally Championship when Abarth became involved with its production and development. Abarth designer Ing. Colucci was responsible for getting the 124 Spider into group 4 rally trim. Over this period the Abarth Spider had relative success with wins at the 1972 Hessen Rally, Acropolis Rally, 1973 Polish Rally, 19th on the 1973 RAC rally and seventh to mostly the Alpine Renaults on the 1973 Monte Carlo Rally. The Spider continued to perform with first, second and third in the 1974 eighth Portuguese TAP Rally, sixth in the 1974 1000 Lakes, fourth in the 1975 Monte Carlo Rally and also with Markku Alén driving the spider to third place. By 1976 the days of 124 rallying were numbered due to the appearance of the Fiat-Abarth 131. It had rallying success and even had a supercharged variant produced in 1985 after around 200,000 of these cars had been produced.
Features include:
Opening front doors with fully detailed panels
Opening boot fully carpeted
Opening hood with completely detailed engine
Positional and individually sprung windscreen wipers
Positional Sun Visors
Operational steering
Correct type tread pattern
Fully detailed chassis
Detailed independent front and rear spring suspension
Made of High Quality Diecast
This secret success is available in 1/18 scale in a white and black paint scheme from SunStar diecast models.

1972 Fiat Spider CSA White/Black by SunStar

1972 Fiat Spider CSA White/Black by SunStar


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