Diecast Car Scale Size Explained

Diecast Car Scale Size Explained

Diecast Car Scale Size Explained

Many questions concerning scale size, and which one’s bigger, etc. Hopefully, this guide will help explain scale sizes a little better and help you be more informed as a buyer!
The scale size of a model is basically just a fraction. In other words, a 1:18 scale model car is 1/18th the size of the real car. So, the smaller the number in the scale size, the larger the model is. An 18th scale model is larger than a 24th scale of the same car. A 1:64 scale car (Hot Wheels size) is smaller than a 43rd scale car. Here is a quick and easy explanation:
If you have a 12 foot long real car, then a scale of:
1:1 =12 feet
1:12 = 1 foot
1:24 = 6 inches
1:48 = 3 inches
1:72 = 2 inches
Another thing to be aware of is that scale can also be referred to as “gauge”. If you’re searching for a particular model in 1:24 or 1:25 scale and can’t locate it, search for it using G gauge. A G gauge item is usually considered to be 24th or 2th scale model. Here are a few more gauges and scale comparisons:
G gauge – 1:24 & 1:25 scale
Standard gauge- 1:30, 1:32 & 1:34 scale
O gauge – 1:43, 1:48, 1:50 & 1:55 scale
S gauge – 1:60, 1:64, 1:70 & 1:72 scale
HO gauge- 1:87- 1:100 scale


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