Guide to Buying Vintage Dinky Diecast Cars

Guide to Buying Vintage Dinky Diecast Cars

Guide to Buying Vintage Dinky Diecast Cars

Vintage Dinky Diecast Cars are detailed vehicles that the Meccano Company manufactured between 1934 and 1979. You can find a wide selection of vintage Dinky toys on eBay. Before you buy, learn how to choose and research the vehicles available, and understand what factors affect the value of vintage Dinky vehicles.

Factors that Influence the Value of Vintage Dinky Vehicles
Age, condition, and rarity affect the value of Dinky vehicles. Older Dinky Toys tend to be scarcer than more recent models are. Rarity attracts collectors because it allows them to add unique items to their collections. However, older Dinky vehicles tend to be more worn than newer ones due to metal fatigue and degrading. Mint Dinky Toys in their original packaging are relatively rare and demand premium prices. The Dinky vehicles available may show some signs of wear. Look for vehicles without obvious signs of damage and with intact ridge detail and surface paint. Research specific models to learn what features, such as suspension or interior details, make them unique, and ensure that these features are present in the models you consider buying.

Types of Vintage Dinky Vehicles
Vintage Dinky vehicles include everything from passenger cars to coaches and lorries. After World War II, Meccano exported a large number of military models to America and Canada. In 1947, Meccano added the Dinky Supertoys range, which included the Guy Vans and Foden Lorries collections. Following innovations from competitor Corgi, Meccano introduced the first Dinky Toy with windows, the 176 Austin A105, in 1958. In 1966, the American Cars series appeared, and in 1967 cars from TV series became popular. In 1977, in honour of the Silver Jubilee, Meccano released a series of buses and taxis. Other vintage Dinky vehicles include tractors, racing cars, and emergency services vehicles.

Choosing and Researching Vintage Dinky Vehicles

Meccano Limited manufactured and sold Dinky vehicles from as early as 1934. Before you start your collection, learn about the history of the range to familiarise yourself with the Dinky Toys available. By April 1938, Meccano advertised 300 varieties of Dinky Toys. Materials and designs changed with technology. Tracing the manufacturing and design history of Dinky Toys facilitates authentication and dating, which allow you to make informed buying decision. Pre-World War II Dinky vehicles are rare because many became scrap that aided the war effort. Production stopped between 1941 and 1945. When choosing vintage Dinky vehicles, remember that these items were toys and mint examples and packaging are rare. Consider focusing on a specific type of vehicle or on a particular era for a unique collection.


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