Hot Collections of Hot Wheels Diecast Cars

Hot Collections of Hot Wheels Diecast Cars

Hot Collections of Hot Wheels Diecast Cars

Hot Wheels diecast cars have been popular with children and car enthusiasts since 1968, and are still among the most popular toys for collectors around the world. Some of the most famous automobile companies have licensed Hot Wheels to create scale models of their vehicles, and some fans have thousands of these cars in their collection.

Hot Wheels Rare Editions
If you’re really a fan of rare cars that evoke popular culture, Hot Wheels has several different offerings that you will enjoy. The 1958 Edsel from “American Graffiti,” the school bus that Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem drove around in “The Muppet Movie,” Burt Reynolds’ 1977 Pontiac Firebird from “Smokey and the Bandit,” the evil K.A.R.R. from “Knight Rider,” and that black-and-red custom GMC panel van that ferried Hannibal Smith and his team around in “The A Team” are all available to fill your collection and memories in 1:64 scale.
Other rare models feature the 1966 Charger that comes with a key, the Mach 5 that was famous in the cartoon “Speed Racer,” and the 1965 Ford Mustang that Melanie Griffith’s character drove around in the 1987 movie “Cherry 2000.” Of course, there’s no substitute for the Flintstones’ car – also a Hot Wheels recreation.

The Hot Wheels Mini
If you are a big fan of the 2003 movie “The Italian Job,” then you remember the fleet of Mini Cooper cars that a group of thieves who had been swindled uses to get their loot back. Those little classic cars are available from Hot Wheels in a number of different models.
You can find the Challenge Countryman, the Mini Rally Car and other models in a wide variety of colours, with racing numbers, checkered flags, and even flames adorning the top and sides. There are as many types as you can imagine.

Hot Wheels Lamborghini Models
The Lamborghini is just another in the line of automakers whose work has been replicated by the manufacturers at Hot Wheels. The Lamborghini Estoque is available in a number of colours, including a subtly light orange and a smooth burgundy that evoke the understated cool of the original vehicle.
The Revention and the Gallardo Superleggera are also available, both in individual sets as well as in Lamborghini’s contributions to the Hot Wheels “Cars of the Decades” collection.

Hot Wheels Farrari Models
Whether you want the Schumacher Ferrari 248 Formula 1 model, the Ferrari 208 Turbo, the 599 GTO, the Felippe Massa Ferrari 150th Italia Formula 1, or many of the other Ferraris that have been immortalised by the designers at Hot Wheels, you can find almost any of the many Ferrari models available for display from Hot Wheels.

Hot Wheels Redline
These are some of the very coolest Hot Wheels products out there, and their age makes them particularly collectible. The #63 “Cool One” rear-engine dragster was sold in several markets. One of the most fun versions to pick up for your collection is the one that was sold on the Japanese market. The rarest ones actually have a purple body with white and yellow trim. This version from the 1970s is still somewhat easy to find in mint condition.
The Redline custom Cougar is more difficult to find in mint condition. However, the 1967 custom Eldorado is somewhat easier to find in a collectible condition. Both of these make excellent parts of your Hot Wheels collection.
Holly Alphabet, Batman!
The Hot Wheels Batman collection features models from each of the many incarnations of the Batmobile. Whether it is the classic, red-trimmed car that Hot Wheels first released in 1966, based on the “Batman” television show, the all-black matte version that Michael Keaton’s Batman drove, or the tumbler wheel version that appears in “Batman Begins” and the two sequels, you can find a version for sale.

Don’t Forget the Hot Wheels Track
While it’s fun to put some of the larger cars, like the 1:18 scale models, on shelves on the wall, the smaller cars were designed to fly around tracks. The original Hot Wheels tracks have some cool designs that you can still find today, like the Triple Track Twister car Track or the Criss Cross Crash Racetrack.
Both of these were designed to send cars flying around at high rates of speed, and the suspense would build to a fever pitch waiting for the Criss Cross course to send two cars flying up into the air.
If you have part of an old track set, you can also find spare track parts online. The electric motors and boxes that started cars into their jumps. The hard-to-find Drop Tower occasionally appears on some auction sites as well.
Enjoy re-creating the Hot Wheels memories from your childhood and building new connections with your kids as you collect together.


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