007 James Bond Thunderball Ford Mustang by Johnny Lightning

007 James Bond Thunderball Ford Mustang by Johnny Lightning

007 James Bond Thunderball Ford Mustang by Johnny Lightning

Thunderball (1965) is the fourth spy film in the James Bond series starring Sean Connery as the fictional MI6 agent James Bond. It is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Ian Fleming, which in turn was based on an original screenplay by Jack Whittingham.
The film follows Bond’s mission to find two NATO atomic bombs stolen by SPECTRE, which holds the world ransom for £100 million in diamonds, in exchange for not destroying an unspecified major city in either England or the United States (later revealed to be Miami). The search leads Bond to the Bahamas, where he encounters Emilio Largo, the card-playing, eye patch-wearing SPECTRE Number Two. Backed by CIA agent Felix Leiter and Largo’s mistress, Domino Derval, Bond’s search culminates in an underwater battle with Largo’s henchmen. The film had a complex production, with four different units and about a quarter of the film consisting of underwater scenes. Thunderball was the first Bond film shot in widescreen Panavision and the first to have over a two-hour running time.
In the movie Thunderball, James Bond hitchhikes after being stranded on the beach in the Bahamas, and is picked up by the voluptuous villainess Fiona Volpe (Luciana Paluzzi) in a 1965 Ford Mustang convertible. Bond is taken for a very fast ride to his hotel. The Mustang has a blue body with white top and a license plate that reads 205. Bond sees the car one more time when he visits Largo’s ‘Palmyra’ villa.


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